Roadblocks! ????????????

Roadblocks! ????????????

When it comes to what you really want to do and become, there are always roadblocks to overcome.

In order to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be, it can be very helpful to understand what types of roadblocks you could be facing as you journey forward.

From my experience, below are some of the main reasons why more people aren’t experiencing optimal health or achieving their perfect weight consistently:

  1. They never clearly define their health and body composition goals.
  2. They define them in ways that make them feel impossible to achieve.
  3. Consequently, they don’t believe they can ever really achieve them.
  4. They never make their health and body comp goals an absolute MUST.
  5. They don’t have a realistic plan.
  6. They fail to follow through with their plan.
  7. They don’t know where to find appropriate resources to help them succeed.
  8. They give up when they face major life and/or progress challenges.
  9. They allow other people’s pessimism to affect the intelligent implementation of their plan.
  10. They never get good coaching.


As you make your plans and set your goals for this new year, consider the potential roadblocks ahead and set yourself up for success by addressing each one (or decide how you will address each one) in advance.

Here’s to you CRUSHING it in 2020!!

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