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About Fuelled Bermuda LTD

Mission: Helping the people of Bermuda realise MASSIVE and MEASURABLE success in their healthy eating related goals.


FUELLED Bermuda Ltd. is devoted to helping the people of Bermuda achieve optimal health and performance in all areas of their life by offering Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching, Private Health Food Cheffing, Corporate Presentations and Healthy Cooking Demonstrations, along with other products and services that assist them in renewing their outlook on food and health, revitalizing their energy and transforming their life.

FUELLED is proudly registered with the Bermuda Health Council until December 31st 2020. 


FUELLED Upcoming Nutrition Workshop: Ayurveda: Optimal Nutrition & Disease Prevention (11.14.20) 🌱
Join Agathe in a garden oasis for a 4-hour (half day) workshop on the subject of Ayurveda – an ancient Indian holistic (“whole-body”) healing system, with the option to stay all afternoon to relax on premises.

Expect to learn a radically different approach to optimal nutrition than what we have been taught in the west.
One attendee from the October Ayurvedic Approach to Weight Loss workshop said “I knew there was a better way than what we’ve been taught. This is it.”
Another said “Had such a light bulb moment today ~ Thank You Agathe for your knowledge ~ It was absolutely wonderful~ Looking forward to more!”
What is Ayurveda?
Ayurveda is a sophisticated and powerful mind-body health system developed by the sages of India before modern medicine. More than a mere system of treating illness, the Sanskrit term Ayurveda translates to “knowledge of life,” or “science of life” (Ayur = life, Veda = science or knowledge). A truly holistic approach to health and well-being, the principles of this ancient wisdom tradition have stood strong for me for the 20 years I’ve been following it as relates to nutrition, digestion, disease prevention and optimal weight. I would love to share my knowledge and experience with you.
This 4-hour workshop & mini health retreat includes:
✳ Yoga to Balance the Doshas with Shanell Vaughn of Shambhala
✳ Ayurveda: Optimal Nutrition & Disease Prevention Lecture and Q&A with Agathe Holowatinc
✳ Healthy & Wholesome Vegetarian Lunch Cheffed by Agathe (served at the end, on the porch, overlooking the garden)
✳ A 30+ Page Workbook
✳ Leisure Time at the Cottage from 2 PM to 6 PM
✳ 1-on-1 Time with Agathe from 2 PM to 6 PM (to ask specific questions)

“Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be Hard”


*NEW* On Zoom

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$10 for non-subscribers.
Virtual Session. (1 hour)

Are you bored of your go-to healthy recipes? Sick of salads? Do you feel like eating healthy tastes like cardboard or that it gets super complicated and is not worth the trouble? Have you given up control of your diet to the fast food fare located nearby?

If so, this is the class for you.

Treat yourself to an unforgettable immersive experience! In our “Healthy Doesn’t Have to Be Hard” cooking classes you’ll get to help chop, slice, blend, measure and mix our way to delicious dishes with the guidance of our skilled instructor and health food chef, Agathe Holowatinc. You’ll learn valuable culinary skills and new recipes, enjoy a fun and social activity, and get inspired to expand your taste buds and discover that “real food” can be really good (and really easy to make!)! It’s a fun cooking adventure and the best part is that you’ll get to eat everything we make (if you buy the groceries and cook alongside me, virtually speaking of course!).


Monday evenings, starting August 17th 2020, ongoing. 6 – 7 PM


If you’re subscribed to our newsletter (link below to do so now), it’s FREE! So just subscribe to our e-Newsletter before 3pm on Monday, and you’ll receive the Zoom link in our Monday afternoon mailout. If you’re not subscribed, it’s $10, email us, indicate that and we’ll send you an invoice.

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FUELLED Upcoming Nutrition Workshop (11.14.20)

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THE WORKSHOP! FUELLED Upcoming Nutrition Workshop: Ayurveda: Optimal Nutrition & Disease Prevention (11.14.20) Join me next month in a garden oasis for my 4-hour (half day) workshop on the subject of Ayurveda – an ancient Indian holistic (“whole-body”) healing system.

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ZEST FEST 2020!! This Wednesday!! 📣

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Behind the scenes of our book photoshoot.

healthy doesn’t have to be hard

Most approaches to healthy eating dwell on calories, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Instead of creating lists of restrictions and good and bad foods, FUELLED coaches you to explore basic improvements and implement gradual changes in your philosophy on food, your outlook on your health, your knowledge of the body and what it needs, as well as your lifestyle and food choices. As these pieces accumulate, you’ll find these changes collectively create a much larger impact than you originally anticipated.


About the book

FUELLED is the ultimate guide to transforming your body, enhancing your energy and supercharging your life. It will give you the tools and information you need to renew your outlook, revitalize your energy and transform your life.

Part-education, part-inspiration and part-Real Food Recipe Guide — FUELLED is a comprehensive, easy-to-read handbook chock-full of simple instructions for achieving peak health and performance. Because vibrant health is your birthright.


Expect To

Get Educated: Raise the Bar on What Food Can Do for You
Learn how Super –Natural– Foods FUEL Your Body, Help You Shed Unwanted Weight and Enhance Your Energy for the Long Term.

Get Inspired: Fight Your Fears, Find Your Fire and Visualize Your Best Self
Set Yourself Up for Success in a BIG Way

Get Started: With 100+ Delicious and Easy Superfood Recipes Designed for Optimal Health and Performance
FUEL Your Cells and Propel Your Life Forward


Allergy friendly recipes

FUELLED includes over 100 easy, nutrient dense and delicious recipes that FUEL your cells and are naturally: