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When it comes to finding a partner to help you optimise your lifeforce, health and nutrition, or the wellbeing of your workforce, the decision is as personal as it is financial.

It’s about more than expertise and service. It’s an understanding that you’ll be treated like a valued member of our inner circle.

All great relationships are built on trust.

We exist because most nutrition advice is completely conventional and standardized, aimed at the general public, and it is rare to find a practitioner who holds space for you and is a living example of what outstanding bloodwork, vibrant health and boundless energy look like. 

Very outside-the-box, incorporating eastern and western health strategies, our programs and experiences are bold, innovative and one-of-a-kind. 

As a private coaching practice, our sole focus is to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

We believe that the key to success in delivering private, 1:1 nutrition coaching services, next level nutrition masterclasses and life enhancing programs, rests with the quality of the service that clients receive, the ability of the leader/expert to rewire clients' neural pathways so to ensure their leveling up journey becomes an exciting one - that they feel instantly elevated - and that clients have access to processes that are remarkably simple and effective, not difficult, disposable or confusing (like calorie counting).  

A 16-Week High Performance Nutrition & Lifestyle Reset.

Let's Co-Create your best health & vitality ever, together. 



A 10-Week Women’s Nutrition & Lifestyle Reset.


If you would like to meet and exceed your health, healing, confidence, fitness, energy, LIFE FORCE and performance goals this year, we are here for your custom leveling up journey. 

High Performance & Healing Nutrition Coaching

Bold & Innovative Corporate Optimal Wellbeing Solutions.

FUELLED Enterprise Edition

Hands-On Cooking Mastercasses to FUEL-UP your health and POWER-UP your life.

FUELLED on FIRE Healthy Cooking Classes

FUELLED Hands-On Superfood Smoothie Sessions 

Deep dive into potent and powerful Superfoods as you make innovative and nutrient-loaded smoothies that really pack a punch!

Part education, part inspiration, and part real food recipe guide for achieving peak health and performance through optimal, nutrient-dense eating.

FUELLED: Transform Your Body | Enhance Your Energy | Supercharge Your Life Book & Audiobook 

Full immersion. Delicious food.
Coming in 2024!

FUELLED Retreats 

Plant Forward & Powerful (Mini Course)

LEVEL UP your health, vitality, bloodwork and body composition in this short, 5-Part foundational course on plant based foods.

"FUELLED offers us a fresh vision of optimal health achieved through nature’s most fundamental gift – food. Agathe Holowatinc has created an easy blueprint for you to begin to transform your life from the inside out."

Shanell V.

"Agathe is an exceptional Nutrition Coach. She has detailed knowledge of the material; this is a given. What truly makes her exceptional is the emotional excitement Agathe brings to nutrition. She shares her enthusiasm with her coachees, and this became embedded in my psyche".

Joel S.

"Agathe's knowledge of nutrition and how she so enthusiastically shares it is a pleasure to witness! I found her tuition informative, fun and inspiring. She brings healthy living into focus in such a meaningful way. I highly recommend her support for anyone looking to make a change in their diet and lifestyle".

Sylvia J.

Our clients are high performance professionals, driven entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, executives, as well as women from all over the world. They are interested in optimising their human potential, supercharging their nutrition, and are health-minded, with a desire to create a life they love. 

We also serve businesses that are interested in investing in their most valuable asset – their human capital. 

Enthusiastic expert advice is an essential part of why clients come to FUELLED. However, it is only one of the reasons they stay with us.

FUELLED’s mission is to become the trusted nutrition advisor to all our clients, provide bespoke solutions, as well as life enhancing programs, whilst delivering the activation energy and value-added services that are vital during their entire leveling up journey with us. 

We see our role as a guiding influence as they level up in their optimal health journey.

We operate in an industry where differentiation is difficult to demonstrate without tangible experience. However, we like to think that it is our activation energy and hybrid, integrative, outside-the-box approach to each journey, as well as our bespoke solutions, that is why we are different from many of our competitors.

When clients choose FUELLED, they experience a level of service and personal attention that is hard to find elsewhere. They realise that the next level version of themselves is attainable and achievable in a sustainable, nutrient-loaded and ‘oh, this makes so much sense’ way.

Not Transactional

Get hooked on the new, more powerful, confident, energized, lit up and high performing YOU as you gain a solid understanding of how high performance, ‘food is medicine,’ nutrition sets you up for boundless energy, FUELLED-UP power, your best health, your best life force, best lifespan, best body confidence and the highest frequency and vibration energetically you can bring to this world!

All so you can have the personal and professional life you might have previously thought unimaginable for yourself. 

Next Level Nutrition is The Ultimate Gamechanger.

But if you are looking to master nutrition through calories, control, deprivation, macros, low fat diets and weigh-ins, FUELLED is NOT for you. We are not conventional.

About FUELLED Founder, Agathe Regina Holowatinc, B.A., M.L.I.S., I.N.H.C.

As founder of FUELLED Ultimate Health & Nutrition Ltd., a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, professional researcher, published author, private health food chef, healthy cooking masterclass instructor (taught 100’s of students), wellness warrior & Ayurveda enthusiast, I serve companies, women, and high performance professionals on their ultimate levelling up journey. I believe that vibrant health is our BIRTHRIGHT and I have dedicated my life to helping people achieve just that.


I am a health food LOVER and mission-driven entrepreneur obsessed with human potential and healthy, nutrient-loaded, high performance nutrition. 

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