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The ENERGIZED EXECUTIVE™: 16 Week High Performance Nutrition & Lifestyle Reset 

The human energy crisis is real. 

This is an invitation to skip the 10,000 hours of investment it would take to master everything you need to know about optimising your nutrition for ultimate health outcomes, supercharged energy, biological age reversal and powered-up performance, and, instead, learn from someone who knows the path and has gone before you. You will be skillfully guided on how to triple your energy naturally and accelerate your professional goals, personal goals and profitability while skipping unnecessary struggle.

Who's this for?

This program is for extraordinary professionals who know there is another level for them.

→ They want to level-up their optimal health & nutrition game.
→ They want to tap into their age reversal codes to explode their lifespan and reclaim the vitality they know is within them
→ They want to get laser lucid focused on supercharging their energy, detoxifying their body, revving up their metabolism and maximizing the nutrient density and cell boosting capacity of the foods they eat.
→ They want to reach all of their professional goals, increase profits and show up to meetings in a powerful, passion-filled and purposeful way.


$8,888 USD

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10 Week Women’s Nutrition & Lifestyle Reset

This is your map to a lifetime of radiant health and optimal nutrition...

A radiant health goddess is easily the most fulfilled woman in any room! Receive results with so much ease and speed as you shift into a woman who regularly experiences a natural sense of joy, massively enhanced energy, dialed up - i.e. fat-burning - metabolism, healing, rejuvenation and biological age reversal at the cellular level. 

After coaching hundreds of women 1:1 for years, this program brings the best of my proprietary nutrition and optimal health knowledge in a package that addresses women's specific needs and desires when it comes to food, our relationship with it, fuelling our bodies, crushing cravings, getting that "GLOW UP" and navigating the seasons of our life as our healthiest, fittest and best selves with ease, flow and grace - not hate and struggle!


$4,888 USD

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FUELLED Private 1:1 High Performance and Healing Nutrition Coaching 

I am here for your custom levelling up journey. When clients choose FUELLED, they experience a level of service and personal attention that is hard to find elsewhere. They realize that the next level version of themselves is attainable and achievable in a sustainable, nutrient-loaded and ‘oh, this makes so much sense’ way. We will listen, solve and deliver.

I appreciate that my private 1:1 coaching practice is not a scalable model and may not be suitable for all clients. In this area, I am solely motivated by delivering the utmost quality, getting measurable results, and building long-lasting trust and relationships, as opposed to delivering scale. 

That is why I only work with a limited number of 1:1 clients every year. 


$2,888 USD

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FUELLED Enterprise Edition: Bold & Innovative Corporate Optimal Wellbeing Solutions

Customised, comprehensive, cutting-edge, high-performance nutrition and wellness group programs for extraordinary companies like yours that see the incredible value of investing in their human capital. 
In Person & Virtual Options Available


$900 USD

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Some of our Enterprise Edition Corporate Optimal Wellbeing Solutions Past Clients Include

Plant Forward & Powerful  (Course)

Would you like to LEVEL UP your health, vitality, bloodwork and body composition… and FEEL ENERGIZED & AMAZING?

Are you curious about what it looks like to eat more plant forward foods?
Are you simply interested in getting practical, how-to information and some easy recipes for meatless Monday and your vegan dinner guests?

If so…FUELLED’s 5 Part Course – Plant-Forward & Powerful – is for YOU.


☑️ Instant access online
☑️ 5 efficient 75-minute lessons
☑️ 5 tasty plant-based cooking demos (inside the lessons)
☑️ Recipes


$98 USD


What to expect:

☑️  Inspiration – Eating these foods will make you feel POWERFUL.
☑️  An introduction to plant-based foods, with a focus on powerful protein sources. Answering the question ‘what do I eat instead of meat?’ No fake vegan meat here.
☑️  Easy and tasty recipes. We demo a new recipe every session.
☑️  How-to actually get started (AKA ‘what does Day 1 look like?’)
☑️  Financial benefits (yes!)
☑️  Key health benefits & some surprising spiritual and emotional ones too

"I remember explaining the impact that the pandemic had on me personally and how it had triggered a desire to focus on SELF. The isolation damped the noise and allowed me to hear, and really listen to, my heart. Timing is everything and it was time to invest in me… I consider my year of coaching as a huge win. Fuelling myself with whole nutritious food, surrounding myself with nurturing relationships, engaging in positive experiences that feed my soul, the list is endless, but the common theme remains consistent… Positive Vibes!"

Robyn S.

"Agathe has helped transform my mindset and I look forward to our call together every two weeks. Her approach to helping someone find joy and satisfaction in life is all encompassing. Agathe brings incredible knowledge about so many different things, wisdom, emotional support and compassion to each session. I’ve learned so much about myself since I started the program and I learn something new that I can incorporate into my daily life. I am deeply grateful for Agathe. She is the absolute best coach for navigating gracefully through life.

April A.

"FUELLED offers us a fresh vision of optimal health achieved through nature’s most fundamental gift – food.

Agathe Holowatinc has created an easy blueprint for you to begin to transform your life from the inside out."

Shanell V.

"Agathe is an exceptional Nutrition Coach. She has detailed knowledge of the material; this is a given. What truly makes her exceptional is the emotional excitement Agathe brings to nutrition. She shares her enthusiasm with her coachees, and this became embedded in my psyche."

Joel S.

"Agathe's knowledge of nutrition and how she so enthusiastically shares it is a pleasure to witness! I found her tuition informative, fun and inspiring. She brings healthy living into focus in such a meaningful way. I highly recommend her support for anyone looking to make a change in their diet and lifestyle."

Sylvia J.

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Process and how we will work together

Frequently Asked

The short answer is No, except in 1 case. Our coaching services and programs do not fall under conventional provider categories that most insurers and government health care programs work with.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes! FUELLED has an international client base and we invite you to contact us or book a complimentary discovery call no matter what your location! We would love to hear from you and to serve you. Please note, however, that our services are only delivered in English at this time.

Do you work with clients outside of North America?

All of our nutrition programs are integrative and holistic, meaning that we take a “whole life” approach to creating the best solutions for your particular journey and your goals; solutions that integrate areas such as sleep, exercise, stress relief, self-care, etc., alongside ‘food as medicine’. Achieving your ultimate health and nutrition goals and sustaining your results over the long term, with ease, flow, clarity and confidence, requires an understanding of how to overcome challenges that arise in life so to ensure you are thriving year after year, decade after decade. If an exercise plan or solution is the right fit for your custom journey, then we will work together to ensure you receive what you need. Our programs provide exercise solutions, however, they do not provide a specific workout plan.

Does the Nutrition Coaching include a workout plan as well?

All of our program and 1:1 sessions take place virtually, from the convenience of your own home, on a day and time that work for you. Each 1:1 session is 50 minutes and program session is 75 – 90 minutes and the session schedule is determined at the beginning of our time together. It is very important that you block off that time in your calendar by accepting our meeting invitations, and ensure you are in a quiet place where you can really focus on and dedicate yourself to your leveling up journey.  For our Corporate Optimal Wellbeing Solutions, presentations and programs take place either in-person or virtually, depending on what works best for the organization.

Where will our sessions take place, how long are they and how often do we meet?

Results vary and are entirely up to you. The value you derive from your sessions or programs will be in proportion to the level of effort you put forth, your level of comprehension, your background, skill, and level of desire and willingness to take action on the information provided; as well as external factors like world events, relationships, and other unknowns. However, most clients ‘feel’ their results before they see them, and that can happen as soon as after the 1st or 2nd session.

How long until I can expect to see results?

This is an investment in yourself and a commitment to your ultimate health and nutrition destiny. It is very important that you accept each meeting invitation that we send to you, so that you have our time together blocked off in your calendar, and ensure you are in a quiet place where you can really focus on and dedicate yourself to your leveling up journey. You need to show up as someone who is coachable; open to new foods, concepts, and exercises; and who will fulfill on the commitments you make.

What is expected of me during our time together?

Ready to step into your most legendary, lit up, limitless self?

Radiant. Energized. FUELLED. 

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