My name is Agathe Regina Holowatinc and I am the founder and director at FUELLED Ultimate Health & Nutrition Ltd. 

I am a mission-driven entrepreneur obsessed with human potential and healthy, nutrient-loaded, high performance nutrition that elevates people to their ultimate level of being!

High Performance & Healing Nutrition Coaching

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I was born a refugee.

My parents fled their chaotic homeland with fake papers, US dollars bought in an underground market, and a couple of suitcases. They left everything. My mother was pregnant with me when they fled to a refugee camp in Austria, where I was born. Canada granted us asylum and is my home country now. 

The SPIRIT of my whole life is rooted in these defining moments and decisions. My parents gave me the chance to live a wonderful life, filled with opportunities, education, expansion, ascension.

And, to ensure that I had a strong foundation to do everything I dreamt of doing with this life, I prioritized and intensely focused on my nutrition, health, body, and physiology… Literally so that I could do everything I possibly can with the gifts, opportunities, and life that I have been given.

I learned early on that FUELLING YOUR HEALTH is the ultimate leveling-up-and-going-for-your-dreams success hack. 

A strong and healthy physical body is truly the foundation of all ascension. You cannot live an extraordinary life without it. 

When I was a young adult, I would plot out my future life events on an upward and forward-facing line with an arrow at the top. I don’t know where I got that from, but I always plotted my ascension, and yes, it was an ascension, in that way, never on a straight-across timeline or anything else. Upwards and forwards. Always. And I still do.

That’s how I would describe myself in my 20s.

High performing.

That is also the decade that I encountered several severe health issues – with my gut, reproductive organs, skin, adrenals, addictions (caffeine & sugar), post-traumatic stress, and even severe problems with my heartbeat and heart rhythm. 

Even though I had discovered the powers of milled flaxseeds from a book I read when I was 15 years old, and I thought I was “healthy” because I was athletic, read a ton of health books, and drank smoothies, I was in fact struggling and very confused by the sheer volume of information out there and by all of the conflicting and confusing directions that advice about diets, nutrition and lifestyle took me in - we are absolutely swimming in diet and nutrition opinions in the western world. 

I know so many of you can relate…

When I sought professional help for my mounting health issues, I discovered that conventional medicine did not have adequate solutions, and completely failed me. Pills, pills, more pills, and surgeries. Nothing that actually helped me turn my health around once and for all, but only masked my symptoms for as long as I could stay on the pills or until my heart created a new issue just left or right of the current issue, that would require another surgery. This all baffled me – ‘Wait, I stay sick?’

So, hell bent on finding a real solution, I declined the surgery, tossed the pills away, and took to healing myself! (*this is not medical advice!)

And I did.

So, the scary issues I had faced in my 20s were, in fact, a blessing.

Fast forward only a couple of years after that, I had successfully and skillfully healed myself from cystic acne, ulcers, leaky gut, crippling adrenal fatigue, severe dieting, anxiety, insomnia, post-traumatic stress, caffeine and sugar addiction, and a very severe heart arrhythmia, using cell-optimising, next level, FUELLED nutrition – “food-as-medicine,” powerful mindset strategies, and raising the bar on my lifestyle choices. 

It turns out that energy does not in fact come from coffee (go figure!). 

Also - I got my ideal, beautiful body composition effortlessly as a side benefit of all of this healing and leveling up. My body love, body confidence, self-esteem and self-love shot up to the sky as a side effect of all that I did to invest in myself, in my health. And so will yours. Talk about ROI! 

I turned my life around at the age of 28. I ditched caffeine (yes, including chocolate), alcohol, sugar, and a stressed-out life, upped the Omega-3’s, greens, and sleep, took on somatic therapy and adopted a Food Is Medicine strategy to eating…and more. 

Like so many of my clients, I experienced the pain of failing my own body, making massive diet and lifestyle mistakes, and suffering from adrenal fatigue and other health problems, before FULLY transforming my own health, body and life…

So here I am with FUELLED, passionately and generously sharing my knowledge as I guide other high performers and women to take the LIFE they’ve been gifted and make the best of it.

FUELLED is a perfect mix of proven nutrition and optimal health strategies along with spiritually solid mindset and energy principles that will rewire your health, energy, and life.

Expect to feel instantly elevated, excited, motivated and activated to finally DO IT. 

Expect access to processes that are remarkably simple and effective, not difficult, disposable or confusing (like calorie counting). 

Expect an outside-the-box, ‘East meets West’ approach that brings only the best of both worlds. 

Today, I guide others in their transformation.  

With revitalized energy, a stronger and healthier body, a clearer mind, and cells functioning at their optimal level ---

All of your dreams CAN come true.

Expect a level of service and personal attention that is hard to find elsewhere.

To FUEL their body with nutrient dense, energy giving, cell and gene optimising, disease preventing foods, and claim the most limitless, lit up and legendary version of themselves. Naturally. 

Because having a personal or professional mission is so important, but having the energy to realise your mission and create your dreams really matters at the practical, day-to-day level.

I love helping people achieve a vibrant and fulfilling life that they might have thought previously unimaginable for themselves...

And then seeing them succeed in the progressive realization of worthy goals and dreams after that.

My passion is helping people gain their energy edge and close the gap between where they are and where they want to be though FUELLING their body so that they are LIVING EVERY DAY at an optimal level.

Just like the upward and forward-facing arrow on our logo, your body, your lifeforce and your health pivot (in the right direction) when you start your journey with us.

Driven. High performing. Unstoppable. Ambitious. That is still how I would describe myself, and how you might describe yourself, too.

However, today, I would add a few more words:

And these few additional words make ALL the difference in the world. I am the happiest person I have ever met. Happy, healthy, energized, youthful, free, glowing, radiant, cup overflowing, full of life, fully alive. Naturally. Absolutely no pills. No addictions. No surgeries.

And these few additional words make ALL the difference in the world. I am the happiest person I have ever met. Happy, healthy, energized, youthful, free, glowing, radiant, cup overflowing, full of life, fully alive. Naturally. Absolutely no pills. No addictions. No surgeries.

Always ready to take every day that I have been gifted and make the very best of it.

Next Level Nutrition is The Ultimate Gamechanger.

FUELLED Ultimate Health & Nutrition – my high performance & healing nutrition coaching company –was born on the islands of Bermuda as FUELLED Bermuda Ltd. in 2019, but since 2023, resides permanently in Canada. 

Totally FUELLED. Radiant Health Goddess.

I hold several university degrees, am a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, formerly a member of the Nutritional Therapists Association of Bermuda (prior to relocating), a published author, professional researcher, private health food chef, healthy cooking masterclass instructor (taught 100’s of students) and Ayurveda enthusiast.

…And, of course, a health food LOVER.

I am absolutely obsessed with human potential and peak performance, and am a passionate advocate of high-performance nutrition, "Food as Medicine,” cellular health and holistic (“Whole Life”) approaches to elevating your life. 

And ‘Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be Hard,’ is a motto I stand by. 

FUELLED was born of my struggle, my spirit, my journey to healing and high performance in a sustainable, simple, cell-optimised and nutrient-loaded way, and of my ascent; and is my gift to the world. 

All of this was also born of my commitment to helping people. 

I am here to serve with all of my heart. 

I truly believe that vibrant health is our BIRTHRIGHT and I have dedicated my life to helping people achieve just that. 

I have helped hundreds of men and women (and myself) get the body and bloodwork of their dreams, and the energy of a lifetime (and all of the amazing things in life that go along with that).

We are thriving with good health.

So... If you know deep inside that you WANT MORE for yourself...

And you feel called to meet and exceed your health, healing, confidence, fitness, energy, LIFE FORCE and performance goals this year...

Then, feel free to WALK AROUND IN THE DARK on your own and do your own research...

...or save the 10,000 PLUS hours it takes to master this area and...


I was once just like you.

But my journey has taught me that THE SECRETS to optimal health, energy, performance, life force and body composition...



What I teach in my programs is NEXT LEVEL.

NO ONE HAS MY CONTENT because I developed it myself.

Depending on which program you select, I include:

✅ Activation & Ascension Audio Meditations to rewire your mental programming so it is optimized for this specific leveling up journey and your NEXT LEVEL YOU. 

✅ FUELLED Meal Plans.

✅ FUELLED Powerful Daily Schedule.

✅ FUELLED 98 Page Real Food Recipe Guide.

✅ WhatsApp support so you know I have your back even in between sessions.

✅ My entire process - I don't just give you a portion of the process — but the whole thing! And, like a high-quality material item, it is sustainable and will last you a lifetime. You can forever ditch disposable diets!

✅ Virtual, convenient to access, 1.25 hour long, private, confidential, 1:1 style sessions where we design a way forward that consistently feels good, right, and healthy because you become a boss at owning your power, rejecting old patterns and messaging, and creating the most lit up, limitless and legendary version of yourself with ease, flow and confidence! 

✅ My unstoppable energy, enthusiasm and respect for you in your journey, and my potent philosophy and energetic frequency that will light a spark in you and leave you with a pep in your step after seeing me – imagine that!
…and more.

Then Having an Extraordinary COACH is a WINNER'S STRATEGY. 


Go ahead and book a zero commitment discovery call today and LET’S START planning your next level life.

Because health is not a goal, it is a launchpad.

Achieving optimal health is the best springboard for achieving all of your biggest dreams.

What do you want to be healthy for?

Whatever it is, I would love to see you totally FUELLED and ready to power through anything because you are unstoppable!

“Go forth and set the world on fire,” as St. Ignatius of Loyola urged every one of us.

How does that sound?

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR SOMEONE WHO WILL PROVIDE a comprehensive and truly revolutionary process, with hands-on, strategic sessions, and the ACTIVATION ENERGY that gets you excited about next steps every time we meet....



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Energy Level

Contagiously High, with naps in between

Love To Consume

Green Smoothies, Buddha Bowls, Ginger Tea, & De-alcoholized Red Wine

Favourite Essential Oils

Spearmint, Grapefruit, and Christmas Tree

Never Without

Music, Sunscreen, and My Fav Furry Friend (My Dog!)


Daily Ocean Swims -- Cold, Canadian Winter Cold & Warm

Obsessed With

Guiding people to take the life they've been gifted and make the best out of it!

Petrified Of..

Unrestrained heights (except in a no-door helicopter!)

Fun FAct About Me

I'm a qualified librarian and spent a decade managing a law library in Bermuda!

Sucker For...

Wild Roses, Stimulating Conversations, Smart Short-haired muscular Dogs

"Agathe has helped transform my mindset and I look forward to our call together every two weeks. Her approach to helping someone find joy and satisfaction in life is all encompassing. Agathe brings incredible knowledge about so many different things, wisdom, emotional support and compassion to each session. I’ve learned so much about myself since I started the program and I learn something new that I can incorporate into my daily life. I am deeply grateful for Agathe. She is the absolute best coach for navigating gracefully through life.

April A.

"Agathe's knowledge of nutrition and how she so enthusiastically shares it is a pleasure to witness! I found her tuition informative, fun and inspiring. She brings healthy living into focus in such a meaningful way. I highly recommend her support for anyone looking to make a change in their diet and lifestyle".

Sylvia J.

"FUELLED offers us a fresh vision of optimal health achieved through nature’s most fundamental gift – food. Agathe Holowatinc has created an easy blueprint for you to begin to transform your life from the inside out."

Shanell V.

Ready to step into your most legendary, lit up, limitless self?

Radiant. Energized. FUELLED. 

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