Insurance Coverage For FUELLED Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching ✔

FUELLED Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching Sessions are now covered by Colonial Medical Insurance! 

I have been working hard behind the scenes to get your nutrition coaching sessions covered by the 3 major private health insurers on island…with much success! Colonial now covers my sessions when they are held in-person (starting in Phase 3, as mentioned above). Call your representative to find out how much coverage you get under your nutrition benefit and contact me to schedule your free consultation (those are always free!) and set up your sessions for Phase 3! For those of you with Argus and BF&M…hold on tight! I’m close to the finish line with them as well! I truly want to ensure that FUELLED Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching is available to everyone who wants it, and this is the first step in doing just that!

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Thank you for being a part of my FUELLED family and for sharing in this good news with me.⭐

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Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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