FIT & FUELLED Bermuda 2020 12-Month Calendar ON SALE NOW! $10!!

The FIT & FUELLED Bermuda 2020 12-month calendar is now on sale for the super low price of $10!! You can email me to purchase 5 or more or visit the following vendors to pick one up in town:

Sales locations:

1. Beyond Fitness Bermuda

2. Inside Out Wellness

3. The Bermuda Diabetes Association (on the corner of Cedar Ave and Dundonald)

4. Rock On (the health food store on Front Street)

5. Winners Edge Bike Shop (on Front Street)

6. The Bermuda Bookstore

7. My Sereni-tea

8. Red Laser

9. Body in Balance at Alchemy Fitness Bermuda (on Reid Street)

Get motivated to make your healthy eating goals a reality with this health-forward calendar features a Bermuda resident who is really LIVING THE FUELLED LIFE EVERY DAY!! And they share their philosophy on how they stay FIT & FUELLED year-round! Plus support the Bermuda Diabetes Association with every purchase.

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