~Set Yourself Up For Success~

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Win the Morning, Win the Day.”

Have you ever wondered what that actually looks like?

Well, I have long been interested in how some of the most successful people in the world start their day.

From what I have learned through my studies, I have gradually come up with the ultimate morning routine for myself and I wanted to share it with you.

So many people start their day stumbling out of bed, brushing their teeth, making coffee, sorting everyone out (like kids etc.), checking social media, WhatsApp, the news, emails….and then off they go to work!

For me, that is just not how I envisioned a day in my life starting out.

I am really big on setting myself up for success first thing in the morning and I am going to actually share my personal morning routine here with you just in case there is anything you’d like to try to incorporate into your morning routine to uplevel it a tiny bit.

My ‘Win My Morning’ routine has long been this (or some version of it, minus the ocean swim, add in a mountain trail run, when I lived in Vancouver):

  • At night I play healing/uplifting/educational (but not exciting) sermons, speeches, audiobooks, YouTube videos or calming music, so that while I’m sleeping, I am soaking up very uplifting content/messaging
  • Wake up at Sunrise (between 5:00 am and 6:30 am (depending on the season)
  • Turn on my “Morning Motivation” playlist – I LOVE music and how it works to up my vibration
  • Drink a big glass of licorice or ginger lemon honey or chamomile tea that I made the night before, plus a big glass of water. AKA hydrate (without caffeine)
  • Take probiotics and vitamin D3
  • Put on contact lenses, a swimsuit and running gear (I have a system so that I do not waste any time contemplating the weather or anything else that might slow me down. I don’t even think about my next move, it is automatic. I heard Tony Robbins once say “Roll out of bed and into your running shoes,” lol, and I took him pretty literally back then and it stuck.)
  • Run or Walk to the Ocean – greet the morning people there (sometimes I switch up locations but I’m usually at the same beach)
  • Swim in the Ocean – this is called “Rewilding” to some. My body is fully, deeply, totally submerged in nature. It’s very grounding and so amazing and I find it balances my chakras, wakes me right up, eases muscle pain, keeps colds away, and no matter what, it makes me happy.
  • Pray – In the ocean when I’m far enough in, I stop swimming, face the sunrise, and I connect with God and I say a prayer
  • Gratitude – Then I say all of the things I’m grateful for out loud (Oprah says ‘Thank You’ is the only prayer you’ll ever need) – Thank You God for this and for that… and I imagine them in my mind and it makes me smile
  • Send Love – Then I send love to certain people near and far
  • Imagine Amazing Outcomes for Today – Then I say Thank You for this or that thing I’m expecting to do/happen today and I imagine the best outcome for it. I absolutely flood myself with positive emotions as I imagine the outcome of those one or two specific things I really want to turn out amazing
  • Ask for Guidance – Then I ask for guidance if necessary
  • At a certain point I know I’m done. The sun has risen and I just know it’s time to head back to shore
  • Run or walk back to the house
  • Pour a hot bath (in the Fall/Winter/Spring when it’s cooler out)
  • Make a FUELLED Superfood Green Smoothie (nourish my body first thing!). I don’t drink coffee or any caffeine. That’s an addiction I kicked a decade ago…life’s WAY better without it.
  • I drink my green smoothie while soaking in the bath tub and listening to uplifting and motivational educational content on YouTube from Dr. Josh Axe or various entrepreneurs (right now I’m really into Patrick Bet-David).
  • Dry off, rub organic virgin coconut oil all over my body asap after getting out of the tub, get dressed, make my bed, sometimes I put on makeup, grab more water or herbal tea and get to work
  • Review my biggest priorities that day along with my ‘other tasks’ and then marking them out with a 1) 2) 3) in order of what I will do first.
  • By this point my body feels so amazing it’s unreal.

I repeat: By this point my body feels so amazing it’s unreal. My vibration is ALL the way up there on the Hawkins Scale, I’m totally in alignment and I’m really ready to bring all of that energy into every meeting, email, project, client session, personal activity, cheffing experience and healthy dish that I prepare.

Takeaway –

Success Hack: Adopting a morning mantra or prayer practice can magnify your intentions, get you into a centered space of alignment and result in your progressing through the day in a state of spontaneous right action.

Most of my most successful integrative nutrition health coaching clients have a morning ritual that includes a devotional reading, prayer, meditation or mantra. 🌄

Try this one today or modify it to reflect your personal situation:

“Thank You God (Universe, Spirit Guides, etc.) for this beautiful day. Today I am fully committed to nourishing my body and achieving ultimate health. I will enjoy the journey as I learn and try new and (delicious, fun, energizing, grounding, etc.) things. My commitment to my health journey and deep love for myself guide me today and every day going forward…And Thank You God (Universe, Spirit Guides, etc.), also, for guiding me and keeping me in alignment today, as I know that the choices I make that stem from that state of being serve my highest good every time.” 💚

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Much love,

Agathe xo

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