“Help Is Not Coming” And Other Self-Limiting Beliefs To Crush Today

Hi! ☀

This is a longer post guys…but I encourage you to stick to it to the end!

I had an ⚡insight ⚡this morning that I wanted to share with you because it has the potential to be a real Game Changer in your life????.

I don’t think your friends or family will bring this up, or will always be able to notice it (if and when you do this), so they might never tell you, but it’s something my professional results coach taught me 3 years ago and now I spot it everywhere and it’s so helpful….

Here goes…

I have a close friend who, for various reasons, throughout his experience in life started to believe that “Help is Not Coming.”

Maybe you’ve felt that way before? That you are ALL ALONE in this. That you can only rely on yourself and that no one is going to be able to help you. That you cannot think of a single person who can sort something out that you are going through. Not one person…You have to figure it out all alone.

Okay, so my friend kept telling me that this was his belief in life because of this and that reason. He had this happen and no one was there, he had that happen and no one was there.  He really wanted to do this but he didn’t know anyone who could help him figure out how. He took care of it all by himself, or just dropped the dream.

It really sucked for him.

So, okay, let’s look at this, I thought to myself.

When you say “Help is Not Coming”…Isn’t that a ‘self-limiting belief?’

To me, it is a mental construct that you have created, that is by no means a fact, but rather it is a perspective on a situation, and it is the farthest thing from EMPOWERING in your life, isn’t it? A good, solid, results-oriented coach would call this a LIMITING belief: A belief that limits your mind, limits your ability to problem solve and therefore limits your potential. And this particular one has long been, and continues to be, limiting you from reaching your highest potential and reaching levels of success and happiness and satisfaction that you could be reaching today and every day.☀

The truth is I felt that way too once when I was young and figuring out different situations in my life. Mine sounded a bit different though, but was a variation of the “Help is Not Coming” motto. It was: “I am a soldier. One who walks alone, fights alone, problem solves alone, makes my way forward alone.” My parents always told me I was a soldier.

The truth is though, that when we truly start to believe we are all alone in the world, we are wrong. I learned that although I did not have family or friends in my circles qualified to help me overcome my particular problems and challenges, and yes we grow up assuming we can expect help from people like parents or friends, siblings, spouses or school teachers, there are actually other qualified people like coaches, therapists, and authors/speakers who can help when traditional means of help are not helping. And THAT’S important to know.

Years ago, I turned to a professional coach to help me in many aspects of my life. Yes, you pay for the guidance, knowledge and perspective but it’s WELL WORTH the money. And, as a result, I haven’t felt alone in the sense I did as a girl since I discovered professional coaches, subject matter expert speakers, authors of helpful books, etc. There TRULY is someone out there who has figured it out and wants to help! And yeah, you may have to look beyond your WhatsApp contacts list and yeah you may have to pay. But…

It’s an investment. In Yourself.

And so it’s a matter of perspective – whether help is coming or not.

You see, the more resourceful you can be at finding help, and the more you know how to be an active participant at SEEKING appropriate help, the less you will ever feel like help is not coming for you.

Your friends or family might not tell you that. It sort of makes sense for you to kick back, frame your life in this (limiting) belief and see it through that lens and have friends and family reflect it back to you. It takes no effort. Zero calories burned. Then you can continue to gather examples of how it appears in your life because, of course, when you believe your life is a certain way, you will find examples of it often.

But no solid results-oriented coach will allow that mentality to prevail. They pretty much ask you what self-limiting beliefs you feel you have that are holding you back in achieving success in life…and if you cannot spot your own limiting beliefs then they will show them to you.

From there, the homework is to take your limiting belief and rewrite it in your mind so that it is a New Empowering Belief.

For example, yours could be:

“I AM resourceful and help is ALWAYS available to me when I seek it – No Matter What.”

And from there your life takes on a new character and a new vigor and you stop getting in your own way of success!

Because help is always available. I promise you. There are sex coaches and love/relationship coaches and integrative nutrition coaches (like me!!!) and doctors and Tony Robbins and Oprah Winfrey and Joel Osteen and Trent Shelton and self help authors and real estate seminars and personal finance books and online courses and therapists and counsellors and personal trainers and naturopaths and people who do Reiki and addiction treatment centers and churches and pastors and yoga teachers and there are just so many helpers in this world…

The world is full of helpers! Help is ALWAYS available! Helpers are all over…

But if you believe help is not coming then you will literally train your brain to NOT SEE how to find help. Train your brain to be lazy and give up before even trying or to give up too soon or to not know how to even start looking for help for your particular situation. You basically sabotage yourself from the start.

Inserting Deep Thought Here:

Deepak Chopra says that overcoming obstacles and frustrations is just expanding your awareness. When our awareness is constricted, that is ‘limited awareness.’ It’s like walking in a dark room with a matchstick. As we expand our awareness, then we are in the same dark room but we are now with a flashlight and everything that was an obstacle now looks like it has a purpose. In ‘expanded awareness,’ we have access to intuition, creativity and higher purpose. And it is then that we recognise that we have no obstacles in our life but that everything is an opportunity to move to higher consciousness. Remember, problems arise in ‘limited awareness’ and they start to go away in ‘expanded awareness’ and become opportunities. And that is where there is unlimited creativity…

Yes, every obstacle is an opportunity in disguise.*

As a child it is hard to know what kinds of resources are out there, but as an adult we have access to people, organizations and resources that kids don’t have access to. And so we HAVE access to help.

So if you don’t know how to make an intimate relationship spectacular???? then help can come from results coach who is aimed at love and romance. Or if you want to shed excess weight ????, feel energized like never before ✨, cook nutrient dense meals ???????????????????????? like a ROCKSTAR and wake up happy to be alive????, then help can come from an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach like me who is trained to be a guide in the area of optimal health and nutrition.

One note though: Get ready for a transformative experience!!

FUELLED family: Direct your mind towards solutions and not dead ends, which is all you get from “Help is Not Coming.”

I wanted to share this with you because I think you deserve to see life in the best possible way for the rest of your life. ????



*A Meditation for Overcoming Obstacles with Deepak Chopra, YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29nKP21E0n8. Accessed August 23rd, 2019.

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