Fuelled Hot Nutrition Talk – The Detox Lifestyle

Have you ever tried a detox? It’s a controversial subject and there are endless detox products out in the retail, consumer-driven industry as well as lots of doctors who have their own detox programs. TODAY at the FUELLED Hot Nutrition Talk the topic is detoxing, but instead of approaching a detox as an intense cleansing activity to be done over a discreet period of time, I’ll show you to take the long-view and promote a “detox lifestyle” by using safe and simple ways to support your body’s natural detoxification process every day – without ever having to go hungry! @ Beyond Fitness Bermuda, 6:30 pm. 45 mins. $20 drop in!

You’ll learn:

  • 5 Factors that can impact natural detoxing
  • The best dietary and nutritional practices to follow in supporting natural detoxification
  • 10 tips for supporting a detox lifestyle

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