Fuelled Hot Nutrition Talk – Powerful Plant Protein & Iron Sources!! TONIGHT!!

Today’s Hot Nutrition Talk: Have you seen the Netflix documentary The Game Changers about powerful vegan athletes? Are you interested in exploring a plant based diet for yourself? Monday at the FUELLED Hot Nutrition Talk I’ll show you how you can get your protein and iron from plant foods every single day – without ever having to go hungry! @ Beyond Fitness Bermuda, 6:30 pm. 45 mins. $20 drop in!

You’ll learn:

  • 5 Fear Factors: What Happens When You Have Too Much Conventional Meat In Your Diet?
  • 7 Benefits of Following A Plant-Based Diet
  • 12 Great Sources of Plant Based Protein
  • 12 Great Sources of Plant Based Iron
  • The Principle of Bio-Individuality & Making Sure You Listen To Your Body

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