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If you’re looking to keep your kids active this summer, check out the Stowe & Stowe Tennis Camp!

Husband and Wife ITF-Certified tennis instructors. Lavern Stowe has taught tennis for 30 years, including at local resorts, in Bermuda’s schools and for sold out summer camps run during school breaks. She’s also a local tennis champion many times over. Braxton Stowe, is a certified coach in multiple sports with vast experience teaching adults and children. Together their tennis programming is sought-after by players of all ages and abilities. Both are SCARS certified (Saving Children And Revealing Secrets) and CPR certified.

Here is the info for the dates you can select:

** due to the demand, they now offer a full day option of $250 per week. (Full day pick up 2-2:30pm)**

It’s a great skill for kids to learn while staying active outdoors, meeting new kids and building their confidence in playing sports!

Check out their website for more details or contact them here. (E: T: 441.505.2168)

On a personal note, Mr. and Mrs. Stowe were my first landlords in Bermuda and we lived in the same house for 4 years (I had the lower apartment). They’re truly amazing people that I love very much. They are really great teachers and parents. They are passionate about working with kids, helping younger generations excel, and all sports, but especially tennis! It is with the fullness of my heart that I recommend this tennis camp for your children.

Hope your summer is GREAT and that your kids enjoy it to the fullest! Let’s keep our kids active!!

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Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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