RESET: An All-Inclusive Women’s Health Retreat

Hi everyone!

The world has been topsy-turvy so far in 2020, because of the global panic around Coronavirus (COVID-19) and other unsettling world news events. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed by it all, be reassured that this is a very normal response. However, it’s important to go easy on yourself and to take time for self-care.

To that end, Replenish Retreats in collaboration with FUELLED Bermuda Ltd is excited to host their first ever exclusive health retreat focused on assisting five deserving ladies in accomplishing a healthy “RESET.” This retreat will take place over the weekend of July 17th – 19th, 2020, at the stunning Oswego Island in St. David’s. The retreat kicks off the Friday evening with introductions, a welcome dinner and group activities. Be prepared to dig deep. What women can expect from this weekend reset is to show up, bring their authentic selves, learn, laugh and take steps toward a healthier life.

Thoshlae Williams, Facilitator & Founder of Replenish Retreats, says:

“Having a healthy approach to life has brought me through dark, difficult times.

My vision is for Replenish Retreats is to guide women from all backgrounds to find their way to a holistically healthy lifestyle under the guidance of the best health experts. Participants can also expect to gain sisterhood from like-minded individuals.

Ladies, we’ve put together this retreat with Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Agathe Holowatinc to help you tap into detoxifying and nourishing foods and beverages, self-care activities and helpful mindset practices that you can later do from home, so that you can “reset” yourself and thrive in these uncertain times.

This all-inclusive health-centered retreat will focus on helping you THRIVE, press pause, and reset, so that you are well on your way towards your best health when you head home.”

As for me, Director and CoFounder of FUELLED Bermuda Ltd., I feel that:

“We have all had some level of stress over the past few months as we have been hearing about pandemics, deaths, isolation, violence, conspiracies, hand sanitizers, masks, and washing hands frequently with soap and water to avoid the spread of a deadly disease outbreak. We have been adjusting to remote work situations, often with the parent or parents simultaneously trying to school, entertain and exercise children, and our travel and vacation plans have vanished completely for the time being. A lot of women have really been struggling in terms of their physical health and attaining balanced nutrition through these unprecedented events and adjustments, as well as suffering emotionally, mentally and spiritually. So we are here to provide something totally different – We are opening up the dialogue towards events that aim to bring you back into alignment with your higher self and your perfect wholeness, that boost your overall well-being and, of course, your oh-so-important immune system.”

“Our goal is to help women press the RESET button next month with a little getaway where they will be treated to beautiful, healthy, detoxifying and nourishing foods, yoga classes, mindset/life coaching sessions, and more…in a gorgeous local setting, while surrounded by like-minded women who also want to shake off the past few months and breathe again and feel clean, centered and healthy from the inside out.”

RESET: An All-Inclusive Women’s Health Retreat, the first edition, will take place at Oswego Island in St. David’s – a spectacular location – and, if successful, the organizers are planning to make these retreats recurring throughout the year, so that locals and visitors do not feel that they need to book a plane ticket to another country to enjoy a health retreat experience! We can provide everything they need here in beautiful Bermuda!

The full information sheet is available here: Information Replenish Retreats at Oswego Island

Please email​m with your questions, comments or to register.

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Bookings close Friday, July 3rd. Don’t be disappointed, book early!!

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Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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