I hope this finds you and yours safe, with your power restored and your properties and trees in good shape, or well on their way to being so. Thankfully, Hurricane Paulette has now passed, however, a hurricane warning remains in effect for Bermuda. 🌧🌫🌧

It looks like we have a few other storms to look out and prepare for in the very near future. In fact, four more storms – Hurricane Sally, Tropical Storm Vicky, Tropical Storm Teddy, and Tropical Depression Rene – are also swirling in the Atlantic area, marking the first time in 49 years there have been five storms in the Atlantic.

So, I don’t know what to say, except: Cake Anyone? 🍰

I bet you didn’t expect that from me!! 😄

But I am serious. It’s time to celebrate another hurricane success story for our islands and, well, have a treat!

My signature cake is a dense, rich, awesomely moist and deliciously decadent carrot cake…that also holds it’s own in terms of being unbelievably nutrient-loaded! 🍰

As such, I call it my FUELLED Nutrient-Loaded Carrot Cake 🥕🥕🥕

I’m usually very protective of my recipe, but I’m going to offer one live “Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be Hard” cooking class to teach you exactly how to make this for yourself and for your friends and family.

In true FUELLED fashion, this is gluten-free and healthy baking! In fact, this moist and decadent carrot cake is made without the use of any wheat or rice flour whatsoever – there are literally no grains in it. It’s all almond flour, which is basically almonds ground to a fine powder (high in powerful plant protein of course), with a dash of flaxseeds (Omega 3’s!). 🌰🌰🌰

Paleo friendly, loaded with vitamins and antioxidants as well as a proper amount of health-promoting and healing spices, totally & naturally gluten free (I have been gluten intolerant most of my life), this yummy cake uses honey to sweeten it, and is loaded with waaaaaay more carrots than any other recipe out there – 4 cups!! 🐇🐰 I dislike raisins, coconut and walnuts in my carrot cake, so I replaced those with additional carrots in the creation of my majorly modified recipe, and boy did it turn out!! 🎁😋

This is definitely the signature Nutrition Coach Agathe version 💯.

I personally like to enjoy it for breakfast, to start my day off with a boost after my sunrise run/walk and ocean swim, in place of my thick and rich smoothie. Besides, front-loading your calorically dense but still nutrient-rich meals is an excellent way to go, energy-wise, body composition-wise and body clock/sleep/restorative-wise. Be particularly mindful of portion size, however, if you are not making any meal plan adjustments on the day you decide to enjoy this cake (if you are still also eating a full breakfast, lunch and dinner, and it’s not being eaten as a breakfast meal replacement, for instance).

It’s a double layer cake but you may wish to make 2 smaller single layer cakes instead. You can even freeze them. I don’t usually stack my cake (see image above – that’s my cake). because, for everyday enjoyment, one layer is enough for me, but you do you. Check out the photo below from when a client of mine baked my recipe and stacked the cake – beautiful right? 😍


I’m extra proud because I pretty much never bake (I decimated my sweet tooth over 15 years ago, so I don’t really have dessert cravings ever) but I wanted to venture into healthy baking as a new, well, adventure for my FUELLED family. And now my favourite part…sharing my little success with people that I love 💕💕💕😘💕💕💕

You’ll never look at carrots in your fridge the same way again.

….Hope you can join me!! 😋😘


My FREE “Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be Hard” Carrot Cake Cooking Class is on Monday, September 21 (unless we have a hurricane)!

I would LOVE it if you could join me at 6-7 PM Bermuda time, 2-3 PM Vancouver time.

A HUGE Thank You to everyone who shares the event information and helps get friends, family, and colleagues involved! 💓

Note: You can just tune in to watch the class, you do not need to cook along! Just come on and join me and get inspired!

Details below…



The Menu & Grocery Lists are always available in advance on this webpage.

DATE: Monday, September 21
TIME: 6 PM – 7 PM.
HOW: Over Zoom.
RSVP: Sign up to the e-newsletter – SIGN UP NOW! – and you’ll be sent the Zoom link on Monday by 3pm Bermuda time. Check this webpage in advance for a menu/grocery list for this Monday’s cooking class (so that you can bake along if you wish!).
COST: Free to everyone who is a member of the FUELLED Family (i.e. subscribes to our newsletter). $10 for non-subscribers.

FRIENDS: Spread the word! Feel free to invite anyone you’d like, note that they need to sign up to the FUELLED enewsletter to get in at no cost.



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I urge you to keep informed via the Bermuda Weather Service (check the Facebook page for now until they resolve their technical difficulties ) and the media, and to tune in to the Government Emergency Broadcast Station on FM100.1 MHz during a storm.

Spread the LOVE: Feel free to share this message with someone you care about!

Print it off or save it in an email folder: Keep this column and food list as a reference for later!

Much love, serenity and good health,


“Get FUELLED today for a healthier and happier tomorrow!”

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