Design Your Health Destination 🌄

Today I wanted to write to you about designing your health destiny.

You see, in 1 year you will arrive…at either a well-designed destination, or an un-designed one.

Well-designed or un-designed. ⛰🗻

And in the words of Jim Rohn: “And I promise you…you really don’t want to arrive at an un-designed destination because you may very well wind up wearing what you don’t want to wear, driving what you don’t want to drive, living where you don’t want to live, maybe doing what you don’t want to do, simply because you didn’t design a better destination.” 🧭🏞

“We go the direction we face. And we go in the direction we design. Destination is determined by direction… not by hope, not by chance but by design.” 🗺

The power of coaching is that every day I get to see this in action. I get to help people really define and design their personal optimal health and body comp destination – 6 months from now, 1 year from now – and then I get to be there as they start their walk and powerfully progress in that direction. ⛰🌟

My wish is for you to arrive at a well-designed destination.

Is now the time for you to design your destination? 🌅

Remember – It is not chance or luck or good genes or bad genes that shape our destiny. It’s our decisions. Our decisions shape our destiny. 🥬🥑


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Stay healthy!

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