Detox Your Home! Clean Cleaning Products

Hi everyone!

Winter is a great time to take a look at toxins in the home   and so I made this video about Cleaner Cleaning Products (including some skin care) to help you figure out what it might look like to DETOX your HOME.

(The video is on Facebook, so you may need an account to view it, even though FUELLED is a public and open account. Not sure.)

I literally went through my home and pulled out what I use! I’m not perfect but I am very proud of my transformation in this area and I know the impact it has on optimizing my health, gut microbiome and life!   

I hope you will find this helpful and see it as an addition to your nutrition and health goals for 2022. You’ll see why… 

Let me know, by replying to this email, or commenting in the comment section beneath the video, what you might try out, what you could definitely swap out and commit to, and if you think there’s anything I could be missing! (Note: I don’t use anything else on my face like a toner or primer or eye cream or anything. In case you thought I skipped those!  )

Also, all of your recommendations are most welcome! There are some products I need to level up with and I mention which ones they are in the video…so please share if you have had any success in those areas!  

Also, if you have a cleaning lady/team, communicate to them that these are the choices you would like to make. A majority of the time they lean towards super heavy chemicals and loads of bleach so it’s on you to provide cleaner/healthier products for them or pay them back if they purchase them for your home. 

And if you have children, please take a good look at what you’re washing them with, lotioning them up with and the cleaning products on their clothing and bedding and everywhere really.  


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Stay happy, safe and healthy everyone!

Much love,

Agathe xo

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