Baking To Bless Others

Happy Thursday!

We are a week away from the first day of Autumn!!

It starts September 22nd….

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Fall is my favourite season, featuring pumpkins, fallen leaves, crisp and cool air, and cinnamon-spiced carrot cake!

I love warm Autumn recipes that fill the kitchen with the sweet flavours and comforting aromas of the season….

And I sincerely want you to love all of this too, wholeheartedly!

This month I’m making 5 of my (quite famous by now) FUELLED Nutrient-Loaded Carrot Cakes for my FUELLED family and friends…

To that end, let’s talk about BAKING TO BLESS OTHERS.

I would LOVE to share an idea that one of my 1-on-1 Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching clients brought into her session once.

She told me she loves to bake and has started all her wonderful baking again now…

And then she said: “And this year I’m doing something different. Agathe, I’m baking to bless others.

“Baking to bless others.”  

If you love to bake, go ahead and fill your kitchen with the aromas of the autumn (and soon to be holiday) season – cinnamon, maple, vanilla, clove, chocolate…

And when those homemade delights come out of the oven, think of all the people who you could share them with. Your neighbour. Your landlady. Your dog walker. Your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, spouse, partner, roommate. Your friends, colleagues, parents, grandparents, aunties, pastor or priest.

The takeaway here:

Bake to bless others instead of baking to keep it all in your house at arms reach where you’re likely to overindulge.

YES – Bake And Give Most Of It AWAY.

The ironic part is that you’ll actually get so much more out of it when you take this approach.

The beautiful aromas will totally fill up your house and the warm smiles and those lovely eyes all lit up with joy, ~ plus words of Thank You ~ will fill up your heart.  

Taste your creation, have a lovely little serving, let it melt in your mouth as you savour every bite, and then bless others with the bulk of it.  


Now…How can something that good get even better???


You up-level your recipe and REALLY bless others with baking that is actually GOOD for them too!!

I mean baking that is:

Processed sugar free.

That’s my favourite foodie gift –

One that enhances my overall well-being and makes people remark “oh how she glows!”  

So, if you’re going to bake to bless others, please consider baking something that is refined sugar free, harmful food-colouring free, wheat free, and otherwise toxin free…  

How on earth do I do that?? I can hear you thinking that right now. But I assure you, it’s possible and incredibly delicious. [Did I mention ever that I only eat delicious food? Yup. Don’t ever doubt me there!]

…Like my FUELLED Nutrient-Loaded Carrot Cake!!!

Loaded with POTENT AND POWERFUL ingredients like almond flour, flaxseeds, a whopping 4 cups of local Bermuda-grown carrots, honey, superfood spices and organic, pasture raised eggs, this cake is so healthy you can eat it for breakfast!! Discover how to get all of these powerful nutrients into your dessert and CHANGE THE WAY YOU LOOK AT CAKE FOREVER!! 

I’ve had several people ask me for my recipe over the past 7 days and also ask me to bake for them, so I wanted to share it with the larger FUELLED family so that you can all enjoy a very healthy and deliciously dense and moist cake for the autumn season…

…that will also bring your nutrition game to the next level!!  

Would you like my recipe? 


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FUELLED Nutrient-Loaded Carrot Cake Recipe + Video Gift 🎁

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Enjoy the cake making, and blessing others through your baking, this autumn season.  

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Stay safe, healthy and happy everyone!

With so much love,

Agathe xo

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