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Today I wanted to share with you 3 of the most important healthy holiday hacks I could think of:

  1. Easy Healthy Holiday Gifts To Buy The Health Nut In Your Life (or to ask for!)
  2. Five ways to say NO to Events, Without the Guilt This Holiday Season
  3. How to Navigate the Holiday Season Like a Boss With No Regrets (about overeating/drinking)!

So…let’s dive right in!

Easy Healthy Holiday Gifts To Buy The Health Nut In Your Life (or to ask for!)

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…! This is about the time when I get asked: “Dear Nutrition Coach: What Are Some Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas?”

So I wanted to share   30 FUELLED (i.e. Healthy) Holiday Gifts  

  1. A Set of 4-6 Deep Wine Glasses (for upscale smoothies, of course!)
  2. Udo’s Oil Omega 3-6-9 Blend or a bag of Hemp Hearts
  3. Stylish Water Bottle
  4. Dr. Bronner’s Bar Soaps (or other healthy brand)
  5. Gift Certificate To A Health Food Store
  6. Gift Certificate To A Healthy Restaurant
  7. Garmin Activity Tracker (or another sports watch)
  8. Oura Ring or the new GUCCI Oura Ring (precise health metrics)
  9. Cozy Fleece Blankets
  10. Shambhala Sound Bath Experience
  11. Some Great Loose Herbal or Green Teas
  12. A Great Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  13. Locally Harvested, Unpasteurized Honey (NOW Is The TIME!)
  14. Le Creuset Dutch Oven
  15. FUELLED Gift Certificate
  16. KitchenAid Blender
  17. Weights or a Kettle Bell
  18. Organic Bubble Bath or Epsom Salts or Detox Bath
  19. Gift Certificate to a Juicery
  20. Trial Subscription To a Produce Delivery Service
  21. Quarterly Membership To an Organic Meat & Seafood Delivery Service
  22. Yoga Classes
  23. Gym Membership or Personal Training
  24. Clean Makeup
  25. Clean Sunscreen (with Glitter!)
  26. Holistic Healing Treatment (Chakra Cleanse or Reiki)
  27. 60 to 90 Minute Massage
  28. High End Cutting Board and/or Chef Knife
  29. Copy of Tony Robbins’ book ‘Lifeforce’ (2022)
  30. Copy of my book – FUELLED: Transform Your Body | Enhance Your Energy | Supercharge Your Life

Which ones speak to you the most?  Let me know by hitting reply to this email!

Happy, Healthy, Holiday Shopping!    

5 ways to say NO to Events, Without the Guilt This Holiday Season

The risk involved in overscheduling yourself is REAL. You can end up feeling really fatigued and stressed, and fun events no longer seem fun. This will undoubtedly impact your overall well-being.

Enjoy these 5 ways to say NO Without the Guilt This Holiday Season – NOTE: Be elegant – express sincere gratitude and say no in a timely way. It’s important to show that you care and appreciate the offer, so be clear about that and try to send regrets days or week in advance. If you’re able to, also send a holiday greeting a card to the host or hostess to spread the holiday cheer and connect in a different way than in person at their event.

*Copy this into your notes on your phone so you have it readily available*

  1. “Thank you very much, but I won’t be able to make it this time.”
  2. “I would really love to come, but that day doesn’t work for me this year, unfortunately.”
  3. “I’m sure your party will be incredible, I’d love to be there and am appreciative of the invite, but unfortunately I’m unable to make it.”
  4. “This sounds amazing. I would love to be there but unfortunately, I have to send my regrets this time.”
  5. “What a beautiful invitation. I’d love to come, however, I can’t make it this year.”

Remember: Take Care of This Version of You That You Worked Hard To Become.

It’s OK to stay in.

P.S. I would LOVE to be your Nutrition Coach!

How to Navigate the Holiday Season Like a Boss With No Regrets (about overeating/drinking)!

Last month I held a LIVE 1-hour Healthy Holidays Masterclass where I let attendees in on my top strategies to staying energized and healthy over the holidays without having regrets or unwanted weight gain.

I am happy to report that it turned out GREAT! Participants said they found it useful, fun, engaging, easy to understand and practical to incorporate into their holiday season.

Here are 3 of the strategies I shared:

  1. Eat a FUELLED (nutrient-loaded) breakfast and lunch and don’t arrive hungry to any party!
  2. Shift your focus from the holiday food & focus on the big picture: the people, the ambiance, conversations, music, memories, taking photos and your outfit instead!
  3. At parties, hold a drink in your dominant hand (harder to keep grabbing nibbles!).

I recorded the Masterclass so that everyone who purchased the LIVE could also access the replay for the entire month of December…as you embark on this very happy, but at times stressful and hard-on-the-body holiday season.

My FUELLED tips and strategies are helpful all holiday season long. In the video, you will GET THE SCOOP on HOW TO:

✅  Navigate the season Like a Boss with No Regrets

✅  Enjoy holiday treats but not overindulge

✅  Maintain GREAT ENERGY all season long – no exhaustion & crashes

✅  Enter the New Year strong and ready

✅  …without having to add “detox” or “go on a diet” to your list of New Year’s Resolutions


Be a BOSS this Christmas and DON’T put your healthy eating momentum, practices and results, in jeopardy. I never do!


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Enterprise edition for your company are also available. Please inquire.


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Stay safe, healthy and happy everyone!

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