Good Afternoon!

I would like to wish you a Happy Lunar New Year! 🌟

Although not widely celebrated in Bermuda, Lunar New Year is HUGE in Vancouver, Canada, where I grew up and am currently visiting.

It kicked off yesterday, January 22nd, 2023.

This holiday has commonly been called “Chinese New Year” in the West, however, that is changing as China is not the only country to observe it. Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is the most celebrated and longest of all Asian festivals, and is observed by millions of people around the world.

You might recognize the red envelopes 🧧 which are often filled with lucky money and given to children.

And – This year is going to be a GOOD ONE! It is the year of the Water Rabbit… and here is some information about it (source)💧🌊🐇🐰:

The combination of the Rabbit zodiac and the Water element will bring good luck, prosperity, patience and vigor to those born in the year of the Rabbit.

For everyone else, it is good to note that the Rabbit represents peaceful and patient energy. The Rabbit is a gentle creature, known for thinking things through before acting. This energy will encourage us to approach challenges and opportunities calmly and rationally.

And the Water element brings intuition and inner peace.

Water is all about tapping into our inner wisdom and trusting our instincts. It encourages us to be more in tune with our emotions and sensitive to those around us.

In this coming year, it is best to tap into these energies and focus on building strong connections with loved ones, colleagues and anyone else in our lives.

It is also a great time to focus on professional development and advancement. Take advantage of networking opportunities, build relationships with colleagues and clients, and even take on new projects.

The Rabbit also represents wealth and prosperity, so it is a great time to focus on our finances, and work towards increasing our income.

Now is the time to make smart financial moves, whether it is investing in real estate, stocks, your business, or investing in yourself – your health, energy, healing.

Rabbit is also associated with creativity and artistic talents, so it is a great time to explore our creative side.

Lastly, Rabbit is associated with taking care of oneself – so this is the year to prioritize self-care and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Eating healthy, exercising regularly and getting great sleep will help us stay balanced so that we can take advantage of the positive energy and opportunities this year brings…!

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The luckiest signs of the Chinese Zodiac this year will be Rabbit, Dog, Goat and Pig, and it is predicted they will experience many blessings for an exceptionally positive and prosperous year. (I was born in the year of the Dog, so I am particularly excited!).

There will be some people who face challenges and unfortunate events, however. In particular those born in the year of the Rooster. They can, however, help boost their luck (as can we all) by implementing some Feng Shui elements into their home. See this website for information on what to do exactly.

Here are some lucky elements for the year ahead:

source: https://www.thechinesezodiac.org/year-of-the-rabbit/

There is more information, including how to find out what your zodiac symbol is, on that same website.


Today is my birthday! 🎉🎉

January 23rd, 2023…Looks lucky, right?!

01/23/23 🌱

I celebrated with friends and family and mango vanilla bean gelato cake this weekend, alongside Lunar New Year…🧧

It was a day filled with childhood friends, three generations of my family, delicious food, the best gelato in Vancouver (from Little Italy), music, wishes on candles, cards, flowers, silly hats, gifts and the warmest hugs.

Bella 🐶 was in heaven in a house filled with people, children and singing. She was a bit too short to make the photo below, but she is behind me.

My heart is full and I am looking forward, with positive anticipation, to the year to come.


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I hope you enjoyed that!

So much love & good luck to you this Lunar New Year,
Agathe xo

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