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I hope this finds you feeling great and ready for an exciting journey towards a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Today, I want to share something extraordinary with you that has the power to transform your life completely…is free…and you can take advantage of it as early as next week. 

Let me start by asking you a few questions…

Have you ever felt like you were capable of so much more, but couldn’t quite tap into your full potential? Are you longing for a vibrant and energized life, free from the shackles of fatigue and poor health? If your answer is a resounding “yes,” then keep reading because I have something truly remarkable to offer you.

Imagine waking up each morning with a sense of purpose and unstoppable drive, ready to conquer your goals and seize the day. Picture yourself feeling nourished, both physically and mentally, as you make conscious choices that support your well-being. This is the life that awaits you when you take that crucial step forward with my complimentary consultation call.

You see, I’ve dedicated my life to empowering individuals just like you to reach their highest potential through the power of nutrition.

Over the years, I’ve worked with countless clients, witnessing their incredible transformations firsthand. And let me tell you, the results have been nothing short of extraordinary.

One client, let’s call him Jason, came to me feeling overwhelmed and stuck. He desperately wanted to improve his energy levels, overcome chronic health issues like non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and create sustainable habits that would truly elevate his life. Through our personalized and strategic coaching sessions in my 1:1 Energized Executive program, Jason not only regained his vitality, leveled up his health, but also discovered a newfound zest for life.

*not his actual photo, but he approved of my using this pic.

Today, he’s thriving both personally and professionally, and I couldn’t be prouder to have played a part in his incredible journey.

And meet Emily H., a remarkable woman who gave up struggling to DIY her next level nutrition journey and embarked on a journey of transformation with my exclusive FUELLED high-performance and healing nutrition coaching services.

When Emily first approached me, she was struggling with low energy, low self confidence, gut issues, symptoms of ADHD and she had put on more pounds than she could believe over the past 5 years. She too, like Jason, was experiencing a sense of being stuck in her life. Together, we worked closely to uncover the root causes of her challenges and then co-created a FUELLED-UP lifestyle that aligned with her goals and aspirations.

*not her actual photo, but she approved of my using this pic.

Through our sessions, Emily experienced a profound shift—her energy soared, her health improved, and she regained a newfound sense of purpose and vitality. Today, she radiates confidence, achieves her professional goals with ease, and embraces a vibrant, fulfilling life.

Emily’s success story is a testament to the power of nutrition and lifestyle improvements in unlocking one’s full potential, and it serves as a powerful reminder that transformation is within reach for anyone willing to take that first step.

I share Emily and Jason’s stories with you because I believe that you, too, possess the potential for a life-altering transformation.

And it all begins with a simple step—scheduling a complimentary consultation call with me.

During this call, we’ll delve into your unique circumstances, aspirations, and challenges. I’ll listen attentively to your goals and aspirations, helping you uncover the hidden roadblocks that may be holding you back. Together, we’ll create a tailored plan that takes into account your specific needs and sets you on a path to success.

But here’s the best part: this consultation call is entirely free. Yes, you read that right!

I’m offering you this invaluable opportunity to experience the power of my elite high-performance and healing nutrition services without any cost or obligation.

It’s my way of giving back and making a positive impact on your life.

Now, you might be wondering why I’m offering such a generous opportunity. The truth is, I genuinely believe in the transformative potential of my services, and I want to share it with as many people as possible. This is my life’s purpose, and it brings me immense joy to see individuals like you thrive and unlock their true potential.

So Pamela, if you’re ready to take that leap towards a healthier, leaner, more vibrant life, I urge you to seize this opportunity. Simply click the link below to schedule your complimentary consultation call with me.

Remember, life is too precious to settle for anything less than extraordinary. By investing in yourself and embarking on this transformative journey, you’re not only enhancing your own well-being but also creating a ripple effect of positivity that will extend to all areas of your life.

I can’t wait to connect with you and guide you towards the life you deserve. Together, we’ll unlock your full potential, overcome obstacles, and embark on a journey of self-improvement and personal growth.

Don’t let this opportunity slip away. Click the link now and let’s take the first step together!

Again, this opportunity to meet with me 1:1 is completely free of charge and so you literally have NOTHING TO LOSE. 

Wishing you boundless joy, energy, and fulfillment,

*PS (Note I will have scheduling software set up in 2 weeks, for now we will manually arrange your call over email.). 

“If you really know something, you can re-create your results again and again, for yourself and for others.” – Agathe .H.



P.S. – There’s nothing quite like getting to do the work that sets your soul on fire — and seeing massive transformation in your AND your clients’ lives as a direct result.

I am so blessed you are here as a part of my family – Thank you. I just wanted to say that. I honour you.

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Stay healthy and happy everyone!

With so much love,

Agathe xo

“Claim the most legendary, lit up and limitless version of yourself!”

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