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Happy Friday!

Are you ready to unleash your inner BOSS and MAKE YOUR DREAMS A REALITY? 🚀

If you said YES then it’s time to turn tired, not-your-best-health and not-your-most-body-confident YOU into FUELLED, confident, and fully embracing your power YOU. 😍

Like I said last week, I have been feeling incredibly grateful lately… 💗🙏🏽

And I wanted to say THANK YOU 🤗🥰

So I am sending GIFTS your way to CELEBRATE YOU and your optimal health and to show you how much I APPRECIATE YOU. 🎁💝

I want you to know that I don’t take you for granted and I value your time, attention, comments, support and business.


🎁Today, I wanted to GIFT you this incredibly huge…

🔥💰$3,889 Gift Certificate 🔥💰

Towards my 1:1 coaching services! 🎁

Whether it’s gut health, weight loss, ADHD, energy gains, mastering meal prep or your best bloodwork ever, I am here to ENSURE YOU GET THE GOALS YOU SET OUT FOR YOURSELF.

Once and for all. 💃🏽🕺🏽

You may not know this, but to work 1:1 with me starts at $4,888 USD.

This is to ensure you are INVESTING the same energy, intention, presence, action and go-get-it-ness into YOUR TRANSFORMATION as I am investing in YOUR TRANSFORMATION.

We need to meet eye-to-eye on the investment. 

[In the early days, when I held $100 to $150 one-off sessions, I actually had no-shows. Some people would pay their bill but not make it out to see me and not show up for their transformation, or not take action in between sessions.

Although I was getting paid, that wasn’t the type of work I had in mind. I really am passionate about nutrition coaching and seeing you ascend.

It was the wrong energy. ❌

Also, what I offer is not a transactional nutrition experience but an experiential integrative nutrition coaching experience. You will 100% notice the difference.]

And so the investment with me is $4,8888 USD/BMD to start. 

If you’re new to coaching, you might be surprised to hear that this is not considered “high-ticket” pricing. It is considered mid-ticket. 

I have noticed a significant difference in how my client show up to our sessions now. It’s, literally, remarkable.

Unlike $150/sessions, this pricing attracts clients who are very ready to get FUELLED for LIFE.

And that’s a WIN WIN for everyone involved. 

That said, I know that some of you have been a member of the FUELLED family for a while now and would love to work with me, but have not saved up yet.


Twice a year, for years now, I have offered a massive discount on my services for super quick 3-4 day sales. 

ButNEVER have I offered a huge drop in pricing like this! —>

Starting TODAY – November 3rd – all the way until January 3rd – FOR 2 MONTHS – I am offering a set of 5x 75 minute 1:1 coaching sessions with me for the incredible [Extended] End of Year Sale Rate of just $999!

Again, I’ve never offered a sale at a rate like this for more than a weekend, so…

Be sure to claim your $3,889 off of 1:1 coaching with me while it’s available!

☑️ You can buy up to 5 packages at this special rate.
☑️ Payment is by credit card, link below.
☑️ Sessions are virtual, held over Zoom or WhatsApp video call, so you can meet me from anywhere in the world!
☑️ Sessions are available Tuesdays through Saturdays.
☑️ Sessions are for one person, not a couple.
☑️ You can gift sessions to another person (i.e. gift your sessions or buy a package for someone else.
☑️ You can use your $3,889 discount against my The Energized Executive™: 16 Week High Performance Nutrition and Lifestyle Reset but not RADIANT HEALTH GODDESS™
☑️ You can use your sessions in the New Year –> Sessions expire 12 months after purchase.
☑️Sale ends January 3rd, 2024.


I can’t wait to see you shine brighter than ever and to FULLY ENJOY UNLOCKING A WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF WELLBEING…

Get fierce. 😎 Get everything you want. 🔥

Don’t miss out.

Be Great,

“This has been by far the best gift I could have given myself and my health.” – Hannah S.




P.S. – There’s nothing quite like getting to do the work that sets your soul on fire — and seeing massive transformation in your AND your clients’ lives as a direct result.

I am so blessed you are here as a part of my family – Thank you. I just wanted to say that. I honour you.

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Stay healthy and happy everyone!

With so much love,

Agathe xo

“Claim the most legendary, lit up and limitless version of yourself!”

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