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As the festive cheer winds down and we prepare to embrace the promising new year, it’s the perfect moment to recharge our energy and revitalize our wellbeing.

And what better way to achieve this than by incorporating the vibrant goodness of green foods into our post-holiday routine? 🌿🌟

Here’s how these nutrient-rich wonders can give you the boost you need:

💡 Renewed Energy Levels: After the indulgences of the holiday season, green foods provide a natural energy boost without the crash associated with sugary treats. Leafy greens like spinach and Swiss chard are rich in iron, aiding in oxygen transportation and helping combat fatigue.

💡Detox and Cleanse: Let’s detoxify our bodies post-festivities! Green foods such as kale, broccoli, and cucumber are excellent detoxifiers, supporting liver function and aiding in flushing out toxins accumulated from holiday feasting.

💡Bloodwork and Vitality: The powerful antioxidants found in green foods, such as chlorophyll in leafy greens, contribute to improved blood circulation and oxygenation. These elements assist in balancing blood sugar levels and cholesterol, fostering a healthy cardiovascular system.

💡Immune Support: Strengthen your immune system as we step into the New Year! Green foods are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that fortify your body’s defense mechanisms, ensuring a robust immunity to combat winter bugs and viruses.

💡Prep for January Success: By nourishing ourselves with green foods, we prepare our bodies and minds for a successful start to the new year. Enhanced vitality and balanced energy levels set the stage for a productive January.

💡Refreshing Recipes: Dive into vibrant, green-centric recipes to kickstart your post-holiday rejuvenation. From detoxifying green smoothies to nutrient-packed salads and hearty vegetable-based soups, explore delicious ways to integrate these powerhouse foods into your daily meals.

💡Mindful Eating: Embrace mindful eating practices by savouring the vibrant colors and flavors of green foods. Enjoy the journey of nourishing your body, enhancing your well-being, and feeling your absolute best.

Isn’t it time to harness the revitalizing power of green foods to boost your energy, revitalize your vitality, and set the stage for a vibrant start to the new year?

As we bid adieu to the festivities, let’s welcome a renewed sense of wellbeing with open arms…

Wishing you a revitalizing and green-infused journey to a fantastic start in January 2024!




P.S. – There’s nothing quite like getting to do the work that sets your soul on fire — and seeing massive transformation in your AND your clients’ lives as a direct result.

I am so blessed you are here as a part of my family – Thank you. I just wanted to say that. I honour you.

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Stay healthy and happy everyone!

With so much love,

Agathe xo

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