Fuelled Hot Nutrition Talk – “Rest & Digest” For Optimal Nutrient Absorption

Late post! You’ve heard “You are what you eat” but did you know that it’s actually “You are what you digest”?! And if you’re eating when stressed then you’re not getting the most out of your food!! Learn how to CRUSH this bad habit at the FUELLED Hot Nutrition Talk at Beyond Fitness Bermuda! Monday at 6:30 pm. 45 mins. $20 drop in!

You’ll learn:

  • 10 negative effects chronic stress has on your gut microbiome
  • 5 ways to encourage rest and digest
  • 7 questions to ask yourself to find out if you’re stressed

If you missed it, we offer this talk to companies, churches, government, everyone…so please contact us if you’d like to get a group together to hear about this often overlooked and under reported topic in optimal nutrition!

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