Snacking: A Major Pitfall when WFH (Working From Home)

Working in close proximity to a fridge can be dangerous business!!

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As the COVID numbers continue to rise, many more of us are finding ourselves Working From Home yet again…and that can be a luxury but it can also be very tricky when it comes to your eating goals!!

As a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who works 1-on-1 with clients and has done so since before our first lockdown in 2020, I have been hearing first-hand about all of the challenges my clients experience with this particular work scenario…

And no surprise here — The biggest challenge is SNACKING! I mean…the refrigerator is right there; “the place you go to cure stress and boredom, and to stretch your legs and stomach,” one author writes ever so accurately.

From small snacks, to healthy snacks, to non-stop cookie and popcorn binges, this one has people STUCK! And sliding consistently backwards when it comes to their goals for optimal health and a rocking body composition…UGH!

I mean, we’ve all heard about gaining the COVID 19 (lbs), right??!

So, what’s a person to do?!

Well, ladies and gents, I have been working from home for years now as an entrepreneur and I have the tips, tricks and habits to get you UNSTUCK, IN CONTROL and WINNING when WFH. 

Check out our 90 minute workshop TOMORROW at 3pm to find out how you can conquer this challenge and reset your health journey once and for all.

Virtual and in-person spots available.

Details below. See you there!

Workshop by FUELLED Bermuda

In this workshop you will get the tips, tricks and habits of a Nutrition Coach as she shares how to 💥CRUSH 💥 your food cravings. Get ready for both conventional and outside-the-box ideas that could seriously reset your optimal health journey.

If you hold BF&M or CG health insurance, then your fee is ALMOST FULLY covered ($60 is covered for CG members, $40 covered for BF&M members – but not for the virtual version).


What: Crush Cravings Workshop
Time: 3 – 4:30 PM (90 minutes)
Where: Spirit House. 65 Middle Road, Devonshire.
Parking: Lots available on premises
Investment: $75

Rain or Shine. Bring Your Mask. Social Distancing Applies. Virtual Option Available!


See you there!!


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