What Agathe Does To Stay Lean And Healthy That Has Nothing To Do With Food And Exercise


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Today I am going to open up and share some of my sustainable success secrets when it comes to maintaining a badass body composition (AKA my ideal weight); having glowing, clear skin; and enjoying vibrant health whilst facing no chronic health diseases (even though of course they exist in my family health history)…

…But with a TWIST!

The unique thing about the secrets that I am revealing is that they do not revolve around what you expect to hear about food and exercise. Of course my passion is healthy, beautiful, nutrient-rich foods that nourish all of the cells in my body whilst tasting amazing, and yes, I am a very physically active person – I love to run, jog, hike, walk, swim in wild water (i.e. not a pool), dance, do yoga, bounce on a rebounder (mini trampoline), play tennis, private chef for hours at a time, and more…

BUT there are key aspects of what I think and do that keep me looking fabulous on the outside and staying healthy on the inside, that have little or nothing to do with food or exercise… SHOCKER, I know! Not saying that nutrition and movement are not hugely important, but there is much more to it.

This secrets reveal was inspired by a woman named Melissa who asked me casually on the beach: “Other than food, what else do you do to keep your body fit and healthy?”

I was so impressed by her question. This is my long answer.

My Top 10 Sustainable Success Secrets (For Vibrant Health and a Badass Body Composition):

  1. believe that vibrant, optimal health is my absolute BIRTHRIGHT and I am claiming it no matter what;
  2. believe that health is one quarter of someone’s Total Net Worth — You have 1) Your $$$ and investments, 2) You have your talents and skills, 3) You have your voice and influence, AND 4) You have your health == Total Net Worth (so I better take seriously good care of it!);
  3. respect the Ayurvedic clock & tune into daily rhythms for my best health (timing is almost everything after all!). In other words, I schedule my life around the Ayurvedic clock, which is 5 to 10,000 years old. Ayurveda does translate to “the science of life” after all;
  4. respect and value my metabolism. I know that I have the power to make it healthy and fast, as well as slow and sluggish. I listen in and learn about what a metabolism needs to thrive, and I maintain habits that keep my metabolism serving me;
  5. empty out harmful and negative emotions (for instance: victimhood, hate, scarcity), as fast as humanly possible by working through them and “doing the work” so to speak so that I do not carry low frequency and life-energy-depleting emotions inside of my body — restoring balance to my mind/body/spirit ASAP, as a TOP priority (this includes regular therapy sessions, talking things through with mentors/friends/family, forgiveness work, a gratitude practice, self care, reiki, yoga, guided meditations, etc.);
  6. Long ago, I committed to constant and never ending improvement of myself and to ascending and rising up in my life no matter what life throws at me (YES! This HUGELY IMPACTS BODY COMPOSITION!). I will not let life’s downturns beat me up and take me down – I will always be fully committed to my ascent. (FYI: that’s why the FUELLED logo features an upward and to the right (the future) arrow in it);
  7. I have deep spiritual beliefs that range from modern Christian beliefs to totally non-traditional, New Age spiritual beliefs. I really feed this area of my life – my spiritual life – so that I am wholly nourished and deeply satisfied with it. My favourite bible passage, and one that I have chosen to guide me in my life, is Jeremiah 29:11, which reads: For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” There is so much power in believing that no matter what, everything that I have gone through, and have been through, is for a purpose, for my greater good, for my best future, and is not meant to harm me. Challenges shape our character. Every problem is a gift – without problems, we would not grow. Of this I am certain. A FUELLED Woman (and Man) TURNS PAIN INTO PURPOSE, instead of PAIN INTO PERPETUAL SUFFERING. When we hold beliefs like this — this deeper knowing that a greater purpose and the best future will arise out of every challenge (because that is His/the universe’s plan for me), and that once I distill the greater purpose from the pain, I will ascend into the highest version of myself — the thirst for and reliance on toxic foods or drinks to numb us, becomes non-existent. It has little or no practical relevance; toxic eating or drinking patterns either never arise or quickly fade away. This has a remarkable effect on your body composition in that your calorie intake/weight/% of body fat does not sway this way or that just because you are having a struggle in life;
  8. I have a gratitude practice that bathes me (and my vagus nerve) in cues of safety (again, looking at a strategy outside of eating/overeating/toxic eating to nourish myself and care for my emotions);
  9. prioritize sleep. Having suffered from adrenal fatigue and insomnia once in my life for 5 years, I know that sleep is medicine. Rest is medicine. Healthy levels of sleep and rest bring us into balance in so many ways, and that balances is felt physically, mentally and emotionally; And
  10. I have learned to love myself FULLY. Psychologist Gay Hendricks often states that learning to love yourself is the key mindset that can help you end the cycle of negative thoughts, toxic eating patterns, and chronic dissatisfaction. It also will provide an incredibly solid foundation for releasing unwanted weight. And I fully agree. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, if you want to take your transformation to another level then you must learn the most powerful tool you can use to feel happy and fulfilled in every area of your life – and that is radical self acceptance and true self love. Because when you learn to truly love yourself – just as you are – Guy Hendricks teaches, your body often has a way of becoming what you’ve wanted it to be.

And BONUS #11:

For 20+ years I have studied nutrition, food and health with an obsession that is really indicative of one’s true calling in life — BUT I DO NOT GO ON FAD DIETS. I weed out the non-stop noise (and boy is it ever non stop) and do not count macros, weigh my food, go vegan, eat Paleo, do Keto, or try carb cycling. I study these methods, often do a 5 day experiment with them so that I have hands-on know-how, and think of to whom they might apply for a short period of time. I must say that I feel that they speak to desperation; to a “quick fix”. I am sorry if that triggers you.  They are very difficult to sustain for a lifetime. Keto, for instance, is very effective, but best used as a tool for 30-60 days and then it’s best to eat in a healthy way that is more balanced, from there. I too was once tossed about by diet and nutrition fads, to the detriment of my self esteem, metabolism and body composition. The majority of fads speak to someone who most likely knows that this eating regimen will not last them for a lifetime, but they don’t know what else to do, have little patience or confidence in their nutrition know-how, and they just sound so juicy and like you’ll get massive ROI from them. They are also often executed improperly. What I know after all of these years is that strength lies in understanding the fundamental principles of nutrition – nutrient density (i.e. which foods contain how many good-for-you micronutrients – vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc.), how food is medicine, how food affects our genes/DNA for better or for worse, and essentially, what to eat for optimal cellular health and how to make it taste very delicious – and then to place those food fundamentals into a structure for your life that is sustainable and healthy…forever and ever. That’s where the ancient Indian wisdom/health tradition of Ayurveda truly stands out amidst all that I have studied and implemented in my life, as exceptional and extraordinary, providing resources and conceptual frameworks that can serve us well forever and ever, for our entire lives…a true “science of life” (of living, of a long life) as relates to our health. So much of what I do in my life is in line with the fundamental teachings of Ayurveda.

And that is precisely why I want to share the fundamentals of this ancient wisdom tradition with you…

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