I GAINED 20 LBS! Photos Inside…

I went from my healthy, ideal, most in-alignment adult weight of 130 lbs. (that I’ve had/kept/sustained with ease for 20 or more years – never dieting – just being FUELLED) to 150.5 lbs. in 4 months! 

I weighed myself yesterday, on Monday, August 15th – Photos below.

*apologies for the dirty scale. The only thing I weigh in my house is luggage!! Had to pull it out of storage for this challenge  

And I did it ON PURPOSE. 

Have you heard of, or seen, the show UNDERCOVER BILLIONAIRE? It’s where a billionaire – in this case Grant Cardone (who I follow) – is taken from his life and stripped of his name, phone/contacts/network, credit card, all cash except for $100, looks (made to look different) and dropped into a random town (in the USA) and given 90 days to build up 1 Million Dollars.

The idea is to see if he can do it all again, from scratch, in the middle of nowhere, today. 

And he did! He built a 5.5 million dollar business in 90 days!

That’s because SUCCESS is in your mindset & know-how.

If you really know something, you can re-create your results again and again, for yourself and for others. 

So, I wanted to do the same thing as UNDERCOVER BILLIONAIRE but for my industry! (well, close to it!)

The truth is, I haven’t been overweight in 20 years. I haven’t moved up or down on the scale for 20 years. That’s 2 decades.

It’s a very rare thing to find someone who is in alignment with their body composition for 2 decades.

Very rare.

Through university, my Master’s degree, first heartbreak, all of my vacations and 20+ Christmases, working 3 jobs at a time, a recession, buying a home, health complications, traveling extensively for work, moving around the world multiple times, being bullied to the point of a restraining order, 2 toxic relationships, pet deaths, grandparent deaths, new romantic relationships, breakups, changing careers 350 degrees, tearing my hamstring so I could not be active, a global pandemic that’s going on 2.5+ years, insomnia, healing PTSD, and more.

For someone to go through everything I’ve been through over 2 decades and to navigate (and heal from) all of it for the entirety of those 20 years while maintaining a body composition that never really changes, is something remarkable. 

If I was struggling in the area of nutrition/health and body composition and I knew someone who lived like how I just described and who actually taught what they know to others – THAT would be my mentor!

*Not the person who lost 25 lbs. on a crash unhealthy keto diet whilst eating bacon, cheese and burgers. Although I know it sounds sexier than “I’ve been the same healthy weight for my entire adult life.”

Also it takes no directed effort for me for the past 20 years because of what I know about the body…That is also remarkable.

Lots of Americans on YouTube say they stay the same the weight but they have to watch this or that and control themselves and “do this to stay in my weight window week after week”…. UGH! How horrible! Sounds like you really don’t know what you’re doing if it’s not EASY.

I never think about things like “I can’t do that to stay in my ‘weight window’” or “That will ruin everything for me” or “it’s not my cheat day” or anything about control or deprivation or restrictions.

I’m not struggling. I’m not cheating. I’m not dying to look how I look.

Not at all. I’m the happiest person I know. And I LOVE to cook and eat!

So 4 months ago I started on my journey of weight gain so I can recreate my results like in UNDERCOVER BILLIONAIRE and here I am –> Weighed in yesterday at 150.5 lbs.!

*Super cloudy mirror sorry! No makeup on.

I LOOK LOVELY    at this weight – and I am tall at nearly 5’8″ – BUT boy do I NOT FEEL AMAZING!!

What does being out of alignment with my physical body FEEL LIKE:

  • I’m sleepy A LOT – fatigued half the day. Energy is very low/stagnant/sluggish
  • I have almost no appetite.
  • I’m not able to eat the amounts of food I was able to eat before. I’m eating like a freaking bird instead of LIKE A LION (which is how I’ve been eating for 20 years – I ate A LOT).
  • The only benefit from this is financial – I’m way cheaper to feed. LOL!
  • I have a very reduced libido, where it’s always been very, very strong
  • I don’t feel as on fire about everything I used to love so so much. My passion and zest for life is dampened
  • For the first time in 12 years I’ve been craving stimulants like caffeine to get me to feel energy (haven’t touched them but having urges for them)
  • I have no desire to exercise – which I have always loved! Now I’m happy to lay in bed and be lazy. That’s NEVER been me!
  • I am out of breath at the top of walking a small hill
  • I find it hard to deep breathe
  • I felt depressed a few days – that’s when I knew that this was AS FAR AS I’M GOING TO GO FOR THIS CHALLENGE
  • Instead of calming, ambient music playing all day in the house, I feel like listening to more speedy electronic music or hard rock – this is my body trying to balance the stagnant energy I feel so much of by craving hyper energetic vibes
  • My clothes still fit but I feel like I’m carrying this heavy tire around my waist
  • I feel heavier
  • I constantly think about how this has to be the end of this weight gain! I think about my weight gain a lot. It’s a recurring thought because I feel the gain and all of these additional feelings that come with it

Overall, IT SUCKS and it’s not healthy to have all of these negative things going on!


Even though I look nice and my clothes fit, all of these feelings and things I’m going through ARE NOT ME.

How did I do it (gain 20 lbs.)? 

I refuse to make my body sick from the inside out by eating toxic junk food or fried foods or sugar…that was NEVER going to happen!

I can’t get sick from this challenge.

I simply changed who I was with the aim of reducing my metabolism  to near zero and altering my eating habits so that they are sub-par:

  • Instead of waking with the sun, I forced myself to sleep until 8am every day
  • I ate PAST WHEN I KNEW I WAS FULL at every (healthy) meal – an Ayurvedic 70%
  • I changed my routine and ATE LATER than my 20 year usual times. Sometimes my eating was all over the place.
  • I stopped swimming towards the reef at sunrise
  • I stopped running
  • I stopped jumping on my trampoline/rebounder in between client sessions and just sat there instead
  • I lay down instead of walking when I was working through a challenge
  • I drank 1-4 glasses of wine a week (more alcohol than I’ve had in 15 years!)
  • I stopped lifting weights around my house
  • I stopped going out dancing except for a few occasions
  • I didn’t take movement breaks when I was working at the computer
  • I didn’t drink as much water because I hardly moved my body compared to what I’m used to so I didn’t feel as thirsty

*Note that this weight gain was not a gain in muscle from hitting the gym hard – which would be GREAT weight gain in my opinion!

Those items will do it!

These health and nutrition habits are NOT AGATHE / FUELLED HABITS!



How will I lose the 20 lbs. in 60 days?

  • I’m going to be ME AGAIN!
  • I’m going to do what I teach when I teach my clients!
  • I will not focus on weight loss (because that’s the wrong target), but weight loss will be a NATURAL BY-PRODUCT OF OPTIMISING AND FUELLING MY HEALTH AND NUTRITION/EATING HABITS AND ROUTINES.

Me at 130 lbs. – my usual adult weight & when I eat the MOST, feel the BEST, strongest & most healthy and energized!:

OK – so I can understand why people think ~weight~ is the problem that needs to be solved/targeted. It’s so easy to spot!

I’m not as happy and outwardly I see that there is weight gain…

However, it’s not the weight gain.

Weight gain is ONLY a symptom of my new sub-optimal personal health and eating habits that are out of alignment with my true self and 10,000 year old Ayurvedic teachings and FUELLED philosophies.  

That’s why I’ll focus all of my energy on getting myself back into alignment with all of the above and not worry for a second about weight. 

I’ll be documenting my journey here and on social media – links at the bottom of this newsletter.

Live videos about my journey will be exclusively featured in my free, private FB Group The Energized Executive Collective.

60 DAYS!


If you really know something, you can re-create your results again and again, for yourself and for others. —-> 100%



Spread the LOVE: Feel free to share this message with someone you care about! 

Stay safe, healthy and happy everyone!

With so much love,

Agathe xo

“Get FUELLED today for a healthier and happier tomorrow!”

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