Nutrition is an ever evolving field and it's important to stay on top of new research and trends. To that end, I thoroughly enjoyed the Advanced Gut Health Course I recently completed! So much so, I Aced it. It's always such a pleasure studying what...

Are you curious about how FUELLED can help you? About how better nutrition can impact your body, your training, and your mind? Would you like to get motivated to start on a journey towards optimal health? NOW is your chance!! Teresa and I are very excited to...

If you want to be FUELLED, you need to get educated and get real about FAT. You might have already known to eat your spinach and broccoli but eating your essential fats and oils might be new. Before diving into the types and sources, I’m going to address a major roadblock for most people in this area: The erroneous myth that fat is fattening.
In North America, September and October are the months in which walnuts are harvested...and, for many reasons, these have long been my absolute favourite nut! Did you know that walnuts are often alluded to as the "King" of nuts? Dr. Mercola writes:
'Oftentimes, the simplest foods are best for your health, and this is certainly the case for nuts, in which Mother Nature has crafted a nearly perfect package of protein, healthy fats, fiber, plant sterols, antioxidants, and many vitamins and minerals. Among nuts, the case may be made that walnuts are king, as research shows they may boost your health in a number of ways at very easy-to-achieve "doses."'
It's summertime and ice cream is one of my favourite treats. Yours too I bet! But we all know that most ice cream brands are not good for us, so maybe you've looked at the selection in the frozen isle of your grocery store and wondered "Is there anything here that's a better choice than the rest?" If that's a question you've asked then I think I have an answer for you today.
Happy August!! We are now smack in the middle of summer and if you live in Bermuda then you have just come back from the Cup Match Long Weekend - Hope you had a blast!! I wanted to write a quick post to see if you guys are staying hydrated...??